Solidworks Pack and Go feature with Save to Zip File does nothing


We have Solidworks Premium edition 2009 SP 4.0 on XP SP3.  When we try the Solidworks Pack and Go feature with “Save to folder”, it works.  However, when we try the “Save to Zip File” option, it returns immediately without an error message and does nothing.  It used to work until yesterday but has suddenly stopped working, coincidently after installing iTunes! Windows Restore feature was not helpful either. I tried renaming the Solidworks folder in the registry and it recreated the folder but it didn’t make any difference.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Possible solutions:
I found these possible solutions after posting the message. However, these solutions may be a red herring because I’m atill unable to “Save to Zip File” the original problem file and a small percentaqge of the other file.
1. If you also check the box for “Email after packaging”, it does create a compressed file and lets you send it!
2. We were using “WinRAR Archiver”. I switch the default program for compression from WinRAR Archiver to Windows compression program and it started working.