I’m very confuse in SW Drawings some users use driven dimensions other use driving dimensions in same books I find it use DimXpert Annotation dimensions because it’s coming with datum’s features controls tolerances in automatically way. So I have same questions please help me understand what is the best way and why and what are the Best Practices regarding these:
1- How accurate is DimXpert Annotation for datum’s, feature control and tolerances?
2- If you are an old specialist in SW what you prefer to use DimXpert Annotation or driven dimensions and set the datum’s feature control and tolerances manually.
3- It is possible to use combinations between these 2 methods?
4- I find if I use DimXpert Annotation I cannot control the positions of the extension lines for dimensions if I want to move the little square from the extension line of the dimension is not possible. Please if you know how to fix this issue I will appreciate.
Thank you so much I really appreciate.