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  • Doug 1:21 am on February 18, 2009 Permalink |
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    Hi all

    As you add drawings to a drawing document SW increments the sheet number by one each time. What I would like to know: is there a way to change the sheet name automatically by referencing information from that drawing sheet. Eg Prt number or something?

    • MarkKaiser 6:52 am on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      You might be able to do this with custom properties, then enter the code for the custom property in the sheet name. I don’t use custom props, so you’ll have to research this.

      I do link a sheet entity to the sheet name, reverse of what you’re asking. I rename the sheet to what I want the drawing name to be, then I have the drawing name text linked to this, so I don’t have to type the drawing number on both the sheet tab at the bottom of the screen and in the title block. Just type it in the sheet tab, then this populates the drawing name in the title block.

    • Alan 9:56 am on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      Mark is correct, you can set up custom properties and link them in your sheet, or you can delete the link in your sheet altogether and type in what you want it to be. SolidWorker.com has a video tutorial on sheet formatting that you may find useful

    • MarkKaiser 11:09 am on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      Doug’s trying to get to the sheet name though, sheet notes/annotations/title block are easy to link, I’ve never tried linking the sheet name.

    • Doug 1:28 pm on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      So far it seems, what I want is not yet possible. The problem I am having is when I have a number of drawing sheets representing a number of part, all I have on file is the file name of the drw file. Outside of a data base when I open the prt I don’t know where the part drawing is. I want to cross link them in a outside database but the drw sheet will ref to both the part number and prt file and drawing sheet. Boy this is impossible to explain.

    • MarkKaiser 1:45 pm on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      So your problem is having multiple parts in a drawing and not knowing what drawing cad file the part is in?

      Part of your last comment was ‘when I open the part I don’t know where the part drawing is’. If you right click on an open part (the body in the graphics area) or right click on the part icon at the top of the feature manager tree, ‘open drawing’ will be on the menu. Also, if you’re on a version of SW that includes SW Explorer, you can open the part file in SW Explorer and have it do a where used for you to find the drawings.

    • CBL 5:13 pm on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      I guess I’m not seeing the problem.

      Does your part number not match the drawing and sheet number?

      If the drawing number is 12345 and has multiple sheets, each sheet could contain part number 12345-1, 12345-2, 12345-3, etc.

    • Doug 4:28 am on February 19, 2009 Permalink

      Hold On. I am going to try to set up a sample look

  • Doug 5:46 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink |  

    Here one

    While working in a ass and creating new parts in the ass, why does the new part get created in the FIXED state right off? is there a way to creat a part in the floating state?

    • MarkKaiser 6:57 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Don’t think there is a way. Creating parts in the assembly and external references can be tricky enough, I wouldn’t create floating parts with external references to an assembly, could result in a ever changing part, maybe that’s what you’re after.

    • CBL 7:50 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      I don’t know of a way to prevent the first part being fixed in place.

      The reason for fixing the first part is because that is normally what is wanted. If all subsequent parts are then mated to the first part, re-orienting the complete assy can be achieved by floating and re-mating only the first part.

    • Chris Serran 7:58 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      I’ll agree, when creating parts in the context of an assembly you’ll want to lock it down before creating any geometry.

    • Doug 8:01 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink


      I open a new ASS imported one part it was fixed thats fine. I now started to ADD Parts with “NewPart”. Its these part that are set fixed so before creat the part I have to unfix the part or it boms the rest out.

    • Doug 8:04 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Well Chris the way I have been doing it by floating the part has benn working well so far. I would just have liked the “newPart” to start as a floating part.

    • Doug 8:05 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Sorry for spelling or is it typing

    • Chris Serran 8:59 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Just for clarification, are you saying you don’t lock down (no mates) your parts and create references in the context of the assembly?

    • MarkKaiser 8:59 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      I think I see your problem now. Your assembly is over defining with mates when you have more than one fixed part? Am I on the right track?

      Do you have external references turned on or off while creating these parts?

    • Doug 9:44 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Remember the parts have no external file. and yes once I have created the part I will mate it in the ass. Some parts are getting ref. from other parts in the ass which in most casses do not have external files.

      Now everything works well (so far).

      The ? is how can I use “New Part” in this or any other ass with out it first beening created in the fixed state
      ……. Mark where do I check weather external ref are on or off?

    • brian 10:09 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      When you create a part in the context of an assembly, an InPlace mate is created to the plane you chose to start on (because you are modeling in context of the assembly). This effectively locks the part in place. You have to delete that mate to be able to position it using other mates.

      If you are referencing other parts (which it sounds like you are not), this will cause big problems.

    • Doug 10:30 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      No sir I select “NewPart” without selecting a face or plane, the part is then creat as I have said in the “fixed state” by R-click on the newly created part I am able the set it to float then only do I edit the part in place and creat a part. After returning to the ASS I will then mate it into the ASS.

      It looks like that is the only way, a petty but I can work with it, just wish I could chang the starting state.

    • MarkKaiser 11:12 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      From the SW help files…

      To specify that external references not be created:

      Click No External References (Assembly toolbar).

      – or –

      Click Tools, Options, System Options, External References, and select Do not create references external to the model.

      You can switch No External References off and on as you work in an assembly to create external references for some components but not for others.

      It sounds like to me you are using ‘new part’ to start a new part in an asm, then opening the new part in part mode and editing it there. This will keep you from making external references (editing the part in the part file).

      Sorry no way to switch off the fix part.

    • MarkKaiser 11:20 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Here’s a picture of the ‘external references’ button.


    • brian 1:48 pm on January 14, 2009 Permalink


      I see now where it does come in fixed if you choose “New Part” and then click in empty space. If you were to choose a plane or face on another part, you would get the InPlace constraint.

      However, you are still creating an in-context part by creating the part in the assembly.

      The in-context modeling workflow of SolidWorks is to define and lock down the part’s location relative to the assembly in order to model “top-down”, and I don’t know of any way to change that.

      From what I gather (unless I am missing something), it seems you are trying to do both top-down and bottom-up modeling at the same time, which isn’t doable AFAIK…

    • Doug 1:56 pm on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      I see in the email I got you say “From what I gather (unless I am missing something), it seems you are trying to do both top-down and bottom-up modeling at the same time, which isn’t doable AFAIK…”

      Why not? and what is AFAIK…?

    • brian 2:20 pm on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Yeah, I edited that out, as I thought you might take that as being smart-assed, and I was not trying to be…

      AFAIK = as far as I know

      What I meant is that top-down design is done in context of the assembly, usually to reference other mating components, and the location of the in-context part is defined by the placement in relation to the assembly (i.e., your part origin is the assembly origin). Bottom-up design is usually done by creating a part outside the context of the assembly and then mating it in place in the assembly.

      You can do both top-down and bottom-up in an assembly, and even in the same part. But it seems that you are trying to just use the New Part command in the assembly to get the file started (and possibly avoid having external files created), but then modeling the part by itself and then mating it to the assembly.

      So to start off top-down and then change to bottom-up requires changes to how things are referenced (i.e., having to float the fixed part).

      Does that make sense? It does seem kind of confusing to me now that I read it again…LOL!

    • cbergman 3:37 pm on February 3, 2009 Permalink

      Maybe the easiest thing to do would be set up a macro and hot key to float this after inserting it. I haven’t tried this yet but would be my approach to this.

  • Doug 3:57 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink |
    Tags: independent   

    Hi allWhen you right click on a part … 

    Hi all

    When you right click on a part in a ass, there is a thing called “make Independent”, what is it and what does it do? thanks

    • jaraak 4:58 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      is your part modeled in context or does it have assembly features that you have propagated to the part level? By making independant it acts the same way as breaking relations only for that part not your entire assembly.

    • Doug 5:05 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Sorry not with you

      I started in an ass, and build parts inside the ass as I went along. This parts are only saved in the ass. So what happen if I make them independent?

    • jaraak 5:14 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      I believe then they would be saved off into a part file, not just saved in your assembly anymore. I am not 100% sure but that would be my best guess.

    • Brian Cayer 5:26 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink


      Jaraak is right in that when (in 2009) you create a part in an assembly in is a virtual part until you save it outside the assembly.



    • Doug 5:39 am on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Thanks all, I am going to try as soon as I have first backed up!!!!!2009 you know

  • Doug 1:19 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: ?   

    Hi Ben

    Every time I send a post, I get this message. My post still goes through
    “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/b/e/h/behnt/html/solidjott/wp-content/themes/SolidWorks View/index.php:2) in /home/content/b/e/h/behnt/html/solidjott/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 850”

    • admin 8:10 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink

      Thank you for the error report. Are you getting this error in IE, FireFox or some other browser? Or on the SoildWorks Plugin?

      I would first suggest you update your IE (Internet Explorer) if that is what you were using or if you were using the SolidWorks addin

    • Jason Corl 11:13 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink

      Hey Ben,

      I’m getting the same error everytime I post from the SW addin. I normally use FF but I just checked windows update and there are no updates for IE available. I am using XP SP2.

    • admin 12:12 pm on December 24, 2008 Permalink

      Ok thanks for the info. Can you open IE and try a post and see if it does the same? That way I know it’s the addin or the website. I am 90% sure it is the web but I need confirmation.

      Thanks for the help

    • admin 3:39 pm on December 24, 2008 Permalink

      Thanks Jason I think I have the problem nailed down. Fix to come after Christmas. Happy holidays!!!

    • admin 6:52 pm on December 27, 2008 Permalink

      I think I have this fixed. But before I say it is fixed I need someone to test and confirm that there is no posting error. Otherwise Murphy (From Murphys Laws) will stomp over my ‘I fixed it parade’ :)

    • CBL 7:22 pm on December 27, 2008 Permalink

      OK … so here’s my test.

    • CBL 7:25 pm on December 27, 2008 Permalink

      Worked fine for me … but then I’ve not had a problem with posting … so far.

      Hope Murphy’s not logged in and reading this.

    • admin 7:52 pm on December 27, 2008 Permalink

      Comment posting was not the big problem, posting a main post was in the ‘SolidWorks View’ setting.

      Thanks for testing though CBL!

  • Doug 1:16 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: , views   

    Hi again

    How do I link a file to this forum. I would like to see others view and hows on a sheet metal part?

    • admin 8:04 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink

      I am working on a button to do that but in the mean time if you hit ‘Edit Post’ on your posts you can add a file via the editor that comes up. Otherwise just add the URL

  • Doug 12:00 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink |  

    Hi all
    Maybe CBL is off-Line….. anybody know where to find the ev of sp2

    • brian 12:10 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink

      You will have to get it from the Customer Portal. I believe you also have to have “Notify me for EV (Early Visibility) access” checked in your profile.

    • Doug 1:12 am on December 24, 2008 Permalink

      I suppose it will take time after profile change before I have acces?

  • Doug 7:45 am on December 17, 2008 Permalink |

    Hi allMay this is a small problem bu … 

    Hi all

    May this is a small problem but pls help if you can.

    Under “file>properties” you can create a set of properties you need. With the new “Property Tab Builder” which I love this process is made very easy.

    Now if I go the old way and want to have a part number (PartNo) as it was called, I would have to put it in under configuration tab. Why, after creating a new configuration and entering a config name can I not get that name or description to show up under the config tab in properties? OR HOW CAN I DO IT?

    • admin 11:30 am on December 17, 2008 Permalink

      What do you want to accomplish with this in then end. If you are looking to populate a BOM in a drawing via config names you can do that without custom properties.

  • Doug 10:48 pm on December 14, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: , , profile   

    Hi allGreat WORK with SolidJott. Thi … 

    Hi all

    Great WORK with SolidJott. This new program is not just going to help with help but has the potential to create a worldwide design brain. Think about it.

    You are working away and you need some insight to a sketch you trying to get right, now push button and ask, wait, get input, finish design. Sounds good to me. Hell you could even just state your problem and have many minds find ways to solve it.

    By the way I an unable to get a picture loaded to my profile…… pls help

  • Doug 2:17 am on December 12, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: Treehouse   

    It not help but your views I’m after

    Treehouse!….This product is a great start to a future great product.

    What I believe would make it MUST HAVE TOOL.

    1) Make each icon able to read from a “part number generator database” (excell or other).
    2) Allow it to be retrospective so one could pick up an existing ass or drawing and it produces a family tree in the same icon format.
    3) Export the graphics to a block (or other) format so as to allow one to include it into a drawing pack
    4) Print option of the graphics. (This alone would be a really great quick now option)
    5) A linkable option to a drw or ass, the same as you have a “design journal” which then updates as you progress with the building of a ass.

    6) Also allow the pulling in of aready created part, drw or ass

    Just for starters, 4 and 6 would be very welcome.

    • RodUding 6:17 am on December 12, 2008 Permalink

      I am glad to see you are excited about Treehouse Doug. I am also very excited about the possible use for Treehouse. So far, all the SW blogs and a lot of the SW peeps on Twitter agree this can be a great product. Lets remember one thing. It is a SW Labs product and it is version 1.0. Everyone is tossing improvement ideas into the ring based on the 1st release. I hope that SW recognizes that everyone seems to like this product idea very much and gets some more resources allocated to developing it some more.

    • CBL 9:30 pm on December 12, 2008 Permalink

      I’ve only just ‘discovered’ this product and played with it tonight.
      It has great potential, and like you Rod, I hope SW pushes more resources into it.

      Doug, use a screenshot for a quick graphics grab and print option.

    • Doug 12:26 am on December 13, 2008 Permalink

      Hi CBL and Rod

      I Have just had a comment from the SW forum, from Kelvin Lamport who adds

      7) Being able to create a BOM.
      8) Assigning responsibilities for different portions.
      9) Assigning deadlines.

      CBL, your printing idea works well and I have already use it a number of times.

      Drawing Packs seem to make a lot more sense with this type of diagram included.

      SolidWorks You have to act now!!!

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